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NACE Coating Inspectors

NACE International provides professional training and certification for coating inspectors. This association sets high standards of professionalism that define the industry. Fully certified NACE inspectors ensure the highest level of quality control on all coating projects and coating control systems under their authority.

NACE Coating Inspector Levels

NACE certification has three different levels: Basic (level 1), Intermediate (level 2), and Advanced (level 3). Receiving a level 3 certification means that an inspector has demonstrated an exceptional degree of knowledge about coatings and related topics like environmental conditions and surface preparation. It also means that the inspector has demonstrated the ability to apply that knowledge to practical applications in the field.

NACE Coating Inspectors at Toronto Industrial Painting

At Toronto Industrial Painting, all of our NACE certified inspectors are NACE coating inspector level 3. They all have years of field experience and regularly return to NACE for additional training and re-certification. Our clients work in fields where exceptional quality control is essential and we ensure that our NACE coating inspectors are the top in the field.

“Highly professional” “Crews were pleasant to deal with” “Workmanship was excellent” These are just some of the great things that our customers say about our NACE Certified Inspection Services.

How NACE Coating Inspections Help Your Quebec Business

Much of Quebec faces near tundra conditions during the winter months. Paint coatings on industrial structures can deteriorate quickly in these kinds of conditions. The best way to protect those coatings and make sure they hold up to industrial standards is with the assistance of a NACE coating inspector from Toronto Industrial Painting.

Our inspectors are highly knowledgeable about weather conditions and surface preparation techniques. They can inspect your current coating to determine exactly what is causing any corrosion and implement a strategy to minimize it in the future.

This extensive knowledge will result in less corrosion and deterioration, fewer reapplications of paint coatings, and most importantly, less money spent on maintaining the coatings on your industrial structures. Even after the cost of NACE coating inspection, your business will save money.

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