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NACE Coating Inspections and Failure
analysis. Over 30 years experience!

NACE International is the premier association which offers technical training and certification of coating inspectors. NACE certified coating inspectors ensure the quality control and assurance of ALL coating projects and corrosion control systems under their authority.

NACE Level 3 Inspectors

Toronto Industrial Painting offers NACE certified coating inspectors – Level 3. NACE inspectors have “expert knowledge” of corrosion, environmental conditions, surface preparation, cleanliness, test instruments, coatings and safety. Our NACE level 3 inspectors apply these tools to demonstrate technical knowledge and problem solving abilities that may arise on site and are capable to supervise basic (Level 1) and intermediate (Level 2) coating inspectors. We work all around Ontario, including Toronto, Ottawa, Sudbury and more.

Our highly trained NACE Level 3 Coating Inspectors will ensure your project is done right!

NACE inspector performing what is called an Adhesion test in accordance with ASTM 3359 test method A – X cut tape test to determine the adhesion of an existing coating to determine if there is sufficient adhesion to allow the application of a new coating without having to completely remove the existing coating.

Our certified inspectors can provide corrosion control systems, failure analysis, consulting, coating design, Quality Assurance & Quality Control for the following industries:

  • Transportation – Bridges
  • Energy Generation – Nuclear, wind, water, solar and fossil fuels
  • Potable Water
  • Waste Water
  • Manufacturing – Metals, Cathodic Protection
  • Pipeline & Underground Systems
  • Department of Defense
  • Maritime – ship building & repair
  • Fabrication

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Coating Inspections and Failure
analysis. Over 30 years experience!

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